First in the 'Art of Murdser; series

The Art of Murder

Join accidental sleuth Nick Morris in his first mystery in The Art of Murder series.

Nick Morris is your classic struggling artist. He paints pet portraits to pay the bills but is always just one big commission away from a more comfortable life. Which is why he agrees to paint the reluctant, hot-tempered hotelier, Jason Robart. But Nick gets more than he bargained for when he finds Jason dead from a shotgun blast to the head in an apparent suicide.

No one seems upset about his death except for his girlfriend Elizabeth, and Nick, who has lost the income from the commission. It turns out Jason owed money to everyone - including some unsavoury Russians!

When Elizabeth goes missing, Nick is concerned, but so is Jason's unpleasant business partner and those persuasive Russians who threaten Nick to reveal everything he knows.. or else! Nick is knee deep in trouble and to escape he must find Elizabeth, uncover the truth of Jason's death, and stay alive!

If only he had stuck to painting cats ...

"The light tone is perfectly matched to the gripping plot. This contemporary mystery, Jecks's first non-historical, showcases his wide range."

Publishers' Weekly

"Plenty of action and all-too-plausible suspects hidden in a thicket of duplicity."

Kirkus Reviews

Portrait of a Murder was published by Severn House on 4th April 2023.