A Jack Blackjack Tudor Mystery

Death Comes Hot

Jack Blackjack's search for an executioner's son ensnares him in a fiendish mesh of schemes in this lively Tudor mystery.

May, 1556. Hal Westmecott, one of the city's most feared executioners, reckons Jack Blackjack owes him a favour - and now he's come to collect his dues. Hal has ordered Jack to track down his long-lost son and, although Jack believes he's been set an impossible task, he's in no position to refuse.

But when Jack's search draws him to the attention of a ruthless nobleman, a dead priest's vengeful brother and finally to a bloodstained body in a filthy lodging house, he comes to realize he is an unwitting pawn in a mesh of schemes dreamed up by the most powerful people in England. Just who is a friend, who is a foe - and will Jack escape with his life intact?

A fast-paced Tudor mystery set during Bloody Mary's reign of terror.

Michael Jecks' Jack Blackjack Tudor murder mystery series - all the books.

"Plenty of historical detail, loads of twists and turns, and a hilarious tale of criminal ineptitude."

Kirkus Reviews

"The main draw is high-spirited Jack, with his Bertie Woosterish commentary ('I don't know whether you have ever experienced such a sensation. There is something particularly unpleasant about being brought up short by a length of steel at the Adam's apple'). Fans of offbeat Tudor mysteries will clamor for more."

Publishers Weekly

Death Comes Hot is published by Severn House; the UK edition was published on 30th September 2020, and the US edition followed on December 1st.

It is available from Amazon UK in hardback and Kindle editions.

The audio edition is available from the Reading House.