A Jack Blackjack Tudor Mystery

The Moorland Murderers

Londoner Jack Blackjack finds himself a stranger in a strange land when he's accused of murder in rural Devon...

July, 1556. En route to France and escape from Queen Mary's men, Jack Blackjack decides to spend the night at a Devon tavern, agrees to a game of dice - and ends up accused of murder.

To make matters worse, the dead man turns out to have been the leader of the all-powerful miners who rule the surrounding moors - and they have no intention of waiting for the official court verdict to determine Jack's guilt.

But who would frame Jack for murder . . . and why?

Alone and friendless in a lawless land of cut-throats, outlaws and thieves, Jack realizes that the only way to clear his name - and save his skin - is to unmask the real killer. But knowing nothing of the local ways and customs, how is he to even begin?

As Jack's attempts to find answers stirs up a hornet's nest of warring factions within the town, events soon start to spiral out of control...

Michael Jecks' Jack Blackjack Tudor murder mystery series - all the books.

The Moorland Murderers is forthcoming from Severn House; the UK edition will be published on 26th August 2021 (ISBN: 978-1-7802-9122-2), and the US edition follows on November 2nd.

The hardback edition is available for advance order from Amazon UK and from