The Crediton Killings

The Crediton Killings - new edition

The first death was horrifying, the second was awful... the third was inevitable.

Peter Clifford, priest of the bustling town of Crediton, is an anxious man. Already nervous about the impending visit of the Bishop of Exeter, he is disturbed to learn that a company of violent mercenaries has taken up residence at the inn.

Simon Puttock and Baldwin Furnshill are in attendance to help welcome the bishop. They are initially relieved when a diversion comes in the way of a robbery. But their relief turns to grim outrage when a young girl is discovered murdered, hidden in a chest.

This is only the first of the Crediton killings...

As murder follows brutal murder, Simon and Baldwin must discover the killer's identity before he strikes again - and before their own lives are put in jeopardy.

"The best so far in an already strong series, this is, rather obviously, Highly Recommended."

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The Crediton Killings has been reissued in a new ebook edition by Canelo Adventure.