City of Fiends

City of Fiends

The city gates are closed; the killer is within the walls...

England, 1327. Sir Baldwin and his friend Bailiff Simon Puttock have a major problem. The deposed King Edward II, imprisoned under their guard, has escaped. They must ride hard to Exeter to inform the sheriff.

IBut in Exeter, the sheriff has problems of his own. Overnight the body of a young maid has been discovered, lying bloodied and abandoned in a dirty alleyway. The city's gates had been shut against the lawlessness outside, so the perpetrator must still lie within the sanctuary of the town.

When Keeper of the King's Peace Baldwin de Furnshill arrives, along with Sir Richard de Welles, a companion of old, he is tasked with uncovering the truth behind this gruesome murder. But, in a city where every man hides a secret, his task will be far from easy...

"...a textbook example of how to blend action and detection in a historical."

Publishers' Weekly

City of Fiends - audio edition

City of Fiends was first published by Simon & Schuster on 7th June 2012.

Audio editionThe audio edition on CD was read by Michael Tudor Barnes.

The new Kindle edition was published by Canelo on 5th July 2021.