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Freewrite from Astrohaus
I vastly prefer this to any laptop - I basically don't use my old MacBook Air because the Freewrite is so much better for typing on = and a lot cheaper than a laptop!
Now - if you think you would like one, you can get a discount of 5% from the purchase of your Freewrite or Traveller. Just hit the link here - when it comes to buying and you're presented with a block for special discounts, just enter JECKS-DISCOUNT.
Scrivener for writing novels
This is the only software I use for drafting. I may type up scenes on the Freewrite or here. Usually I begin the book with the Freewrite and gradually migrate to this.
Aeon Timeline
For those who really like to plan and plot - or those who get tied up in knots trying to work out what is happening!
For those, like me, who really dislike using ball points and other writing tools,
there is also a discount available to you if you want to try a fine writing pen instead. I have been buying and using Conway Stewart pens since the turn of this century, and I'm the proud owner of four pens now. Don't ask how much I spent on them! However if you would like a superb fountain pen, which will be made to your specification, you can go to the ConwayStewart website using this link and you'll be eligible for a discount.