A pennant

Devon in the Fourteenth Century

A map of Devon in the fourteenth century, showing the locations of the Templar murder mysteries by Michael Jecks


B is Belstone,
setting of Belladonna at Belstone.
C is Crediton,
setting of The Crediton Killings and The Leper's Return.
Ca is Cardinham,
setting of The Tolls of Death.
D is Dartmoor,
setting of A Moorland Hanging.
Dm is Dartmouth,
setting of The Death Ship of Dartmouth.
E is Exeter,
setting of The Boy-Bishop's Glovemaker, The Chapel of Bones, The Butcher of St Peter's and The Malice of Unnatural Death.
G is Gidleigh,
setting of The Mad Monk of Gidleigh.
I is Iddesleigh,
setting of A Friar's Bloodfeud.
O is Oakhampton,
setting of The Tournament of Blood.
S is Sticklepath,
setting of The Sticklepath Strangler.
Ta is Tavistock,
setting of The Abbot's Gibbet and The Devil's Acolyte.
Th is Throwleigh,
setting of Squire Throwleigh's Heir.
X sails off the map, to Santiago de Compostela,
setting of The Templar's Penance,
and the islands of Ennor (the Isles of Scilly),
setting of The Outlaws of Ennor.
and Y rides off to London,
setting of Dispensation of Death, and byond, to France and The Templar, the Queen and Her Lover