A Vintaine of Soldiers in the Hundred Years War

My Vintener trilogy follows a vintaine of soldiers (think platoon or company) through the Hundred Years War. Fields of Glory tells the story of the Crécy campaign from the point of view of the common archer, and sticks pretty solidly to the historical record, although there are some additional subplots for dramatic effect, of course!

Blood of the Innocents
The Boy's Revenge
Fields of Glory
Blood on the Sand

Blood on the Sand is the story of what happened immediately following the campaign. In this the vintaine is settled in the siege outside Calais, but when they are put on board blockading ships, things go wrong and they are captured. From there we look at the events of the next twelve months or so from the perspective of Berenger Fripper, my vintener.

Blood of the Innocents (now available in paperback) is the last in the trilogy, bringing the men back after a break of ten years to take part in the incredible battle of Poitiers.

Plus, as a special bonus for visitors to my website, an exclusive new short story for you to download and read; a prequel to Ed's adventures in the Hundred Years' War:
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