Landscape of Murder

Join accidental sleuth Nick Morris in his second mystery in the Art of Murder series.

When an offer to paint a beautiful Georgian house in the Peak District falls into Nick Morris' lap he jumps at the commission. Businessman Derek Swann is selling up and wants a landscape to remember. But Nick's plans for a quiet stay in the countryside are scuppered when he and his chalet neighbour Megan Lamplighter find a body in the woods surrounding the holiday park.

Rick Parrow seemed to be a troubled young adult, with a dark cloud following him around in recent days, so when it turns out he was murdered, Nick feels compelled to seek out the truth. What was bothering Rick in the days before his death? What exactly was his connection to the bear-like figure of Jez Cooper, who was staying in a chalet up from Nick? And who could possibly have wanted the boy dead?

Nick's attention is pulled in every direction - from his work at the manor house, and its captivating housekeeper Adela - to the many unsavoury characters now circling the holiday park and paying a little too much attention to Nick's movements.

Nick must act fast if he wants to get out of this in one piece!

"A delightfully realistic protagonist and plenty of madcap scenarios add up to a fun read."

Kirkus Reviews

"Readers who enjoy a step-by-step crime solution will relish this."


Landscape of Murder was published by Severn House on 2nd April 2024.